Alexander Ii: Reforms That Changed The Face Of Russia And Its Society

Alexander’s reforms all show that he willingly allowed for the formation of a brand new intelligentsia. Alexander knew this was possible, but he still persisted in implementing all of these reforms. Alexander is exposing himself to criticism through his education reforms. Alexander wouldn’t be so radical with his reforms to the education system if he really wanted to tighten up on power.

Alexander relaxed the strict Nicholas I censorship between 1855-1863. Nicholas’ censorship was not the only thing that was in the air. The public did not see it as unreasonable that some publications were still prohibited. The radical publication The Contemporary for instance was. Alexander II also decided on reforming the economy. Financial control and taxation were overhauled, as were new income sources. The economy began to recover and annual budgets were published. Alexander II had little to gain by consolidating his power in Russia. It was evident that Alexander needed to reform the Russian economy for all the other reforms in place to work. The Russo-Turkish War caused the inflation to worsen and the national debt to rise despite the economic reform.

Alexander II is without doubt one of the greatest reformers. The vast reforms I’ve mentioned allowed Russia to move away from an archaic past. Alexander II took enormous risks when he implemented these reforms. Alexander II also took huge risks with these reforms. Alexander’s absolute control was threatened, but nonetheless, he pushed through reforms to benefit Russia. Alexander II was harsh on the serfs in his reforms. But he still took the important first step toward their total liberation.

Alexander II wasn’t perfect like other monarchs, but he did make a huge impact on the Russian society and the way it looked.



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