Understanding The Origin Of The Mongol War And The Implemented Defense Strategy

This investigation will address the extent to which the Mongols abused their military strategies to gain an advantage over other nations. This analysis was based on the evaluation of journal entries, second-hand accounts, and other documents for their information, value, and credibility.

The Mongols’ Defense/War System Soe :The Mongols exploited their battle strategy, which was well developed, to conquer and capture the civilisations that surrounded them. They also gained more resources and land. It was one of the fastest warriors and caused fewer casualties because they were able to snipe their enemy before he could reach them to fight. Silk was used in the armor of the Mongols because it did not tear easily. When it did, however, it tore a piece of fabric that could be used as a tool to remove the arrow from the skin. Mongols were also known to use tricks in battle. The Mongols used trickery to confuse their enemy in battle. For instance, during the Battle of Leignitz when the Mongols defeated the Teutonic Knights, they sent a Mongol warrior in a Polish uniform through the Polish ranks screaming for them to retreat. They fooled the army to think that the message was coming from a friend, not an opponent, so the army fled. A flag containing a foul-smelling gas would emit a cloud when it was shaken. As the Polish Army advanced, the Mongols had to retreat by 100 yards while the flagbearer spread gas all over the army. Meanwhile, Mongol footsoldiers charged the soldiers, who were struggling even to stand, let along fight. The Mongols were able to win the battle by using this trick because they caused the opposing armies to become distracted and give them time regrouping before launching a counterattack. The Mongols can also use a simple ploy to fool the enemy and kill half their soldiers, without losing even a single soldier. Mongols are also known for being skilled at archery. The Mongols could use this new technique to eliminate their enemies quickly and from a distance. They could then fire arrows from a safe distance, without fear of being struck. The Mongols are known for their innovative warfare tactics, which revolutionized how nations attempted to conquer each other.

This source was derived from a soldier journal written about the battle of Legnica. The author wanted to remember the battle as well share his experience in the Mongols army at the battle in Legnica. This source has many pictures and illustrations that will help the author better explain his article. On the map, you can see which side was in control of which locations. Also included are quotes from soldiers, statistics and descriptions of how each side felt. A soldier describes war’s horror and splendor in an article. This source does not present both sides. The author of this entry is a Mongol, who has a distinct view of the matter. Therefore, he can’t accurately portray the battle as seen by the Persian soldier. The person who wrote this entry was biased because he was part of a side in the war.

Asia Topics In World History” was compiled for students and educators to better understand the Mongols. It was compiled specifically by a group of specialists in world history and geography. This source aims to inform readers about the Mongols in Asia as well as what they accomplished collectively. This source helps people from other cultures understand the Mongol Empire and how they lived. This source has limitations because it does not include the feelings of people who lived in countries that were conquered by Mongols.

Data AnalysisThe Mongols were able to use a sophisticated war strategy in order to conquer civilizations all over the world. They used tricks in battles like the one at Leignica. It was extremely helpful because nobody else at that time thought to use tricks or had considered how they could defend themselves against such an attack. When the Mongols were losing the battle, they sent a soldier dressed as an enemy to run through the enemy’s lines, screaming for retreat. This technique was immensely beneficial because they were able make their opponent flee, giving them a chance gain ground. The Mongols also used a flag filled with poisonous gas to blind the enemy soldiers and make them incapable of fighting. The Mongol warriors then charged in to kill the blinded soldiers. The Mongols used this tactic to quickly take over towns and eliminate all the opposition soldiers, without having to lose too many soldiers. This left a bigger force for the next battle or skirmish. In the Mongol era, foot soldiers wore heavy armour that covered most of their body. Mongols, on the other hand, wore silk underneath their armor. It helped them conquer the world because the silk acted like a mail, which allowed the soldiers to remove the cloth if the arrow penetrated a crook. The poison was kept out, allowing more soldiers to survive and fight for land. Mongols used a highly effective formation consisting of infantry, cavalry, and large groups of archers. They would charge at enemies and pick them off as they did so, creating chaos for the enemy when it tried to regroup. The archers proved to be useful because they caused anger in the enemy by launching arrows or javelins at them, forcing them to charge out of formation. The Mongols could defeat their enemies more effectively if they had less effective tactical formations. When the formation breaks, it’s easier to take down a single fighter than a whole group. When a warrior breaks the formation, the Mongols are able to widen the hole and spread the opposition soldiers. This allows them to kill each soldier individually.

The Mongols brought fear and authority to the battlefield that could only come from their superiority. Speed was used to defeat their enemies and lose less soldiers. They also used silk to protect themselves from stray arrows and continued fighting. They used tricks, facades and foul gas to blind their enemies or make them think they were forced to retreat. The Mongols were incredibly skilled at battle concepts and exploited every advantage they could to defeat their enemies.


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    I'm Spencer Knight, a 29-year-old educational blogger and teacher. I write about a variety of topics related to education, from teaching strategies to student success stories. I hope to help others achieve their educational goals and help them develop a lifelong love of learning.



I'm Spencer Knight, a 29-year-old educational blogger and teacher. I write about a variety of topics related to education, from teaching strategies to student success stories. I hope to help others achieve their educational goals and help them develop a lifelong love of learning.

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